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Peoria for Palestine invites registered voters in Peoria, IL to join us for a township meeting on Apr 9 to vote on a referendum to be added to our ballot this coming election season. We’ve got the process started, but we need your help!

The referendum in question – “Shall the United States federal government and subordinate divisions stop giving military funding to Israel, which currently costs taxpayers 3.8 billion dollars a year, given Israel’s global recognition as an apartheid regime with a track record of human rights violations?”

Make your voice heard! Tell our local representatives that we want our tax dollars spent on building up our communities, not genocide! On Apr 9, a vote will be placed forth at the city council meeting to determine whether or not this referendum will be added to our ballot this November. We need your vote! Without the majority vote at the township meeting, this referendum will be nullified.

On Feb 13, Mayor Rita Ali attempted to speak for all of Peoria when she shot down a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The city of Peoria released her pre-written statement after the hearing. The verdict – Rita Ali doesn’t want a vote to take place on the floor of our city council so that our elected officials can remain neutral in the face of genocide. We will continue to press our city council representatives to bring this issue to a vote – as a democratic establishment should.

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