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Peoria For Palestine is a grassroots organization dedicated to fighting for a permanent and sustained ceasefire in occupied Palestine. We strive to hold all politicians accountable, while also serving and educating our community on the decades long plight of the Palestinian people. We are a small group of activists working towards passing ceasefire legislation, locally and federally, and helping displaced Palestinians in any other way we can.

Our group is growing, and our campaigns are getting larger. We need all hands on deck! Join our email list to stay up to date on the latest out of Gaza, updates on our local efforts, and for future calls to action on Peoria For Palestine campaigns!

The world has watched in horror as Israel has committed unthinkable acts of evil on millions of innocent civilians in the Gaza strip - all while the US sends Israel billions of US taxpayer dollars, American made weapons, and a blank check on civilian casualties. If you are tired of feeling helpless, join us in the fight.

Thank you for standing with the beautiful, steadfast people of Palestine.

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